A F5 tornado is one of the most destructive events in the world.
It develops strong forces which turn the world upside down.
To survive a F5 tornado, you need the right people at your side.

The same is true when you face major changes in your software development/landscape. You surely want to have the right people at your side.

This might be us

Attitude first

We believe that attitude is much more important for a successful collaboration then technology. That's why we strive to be...

Utterly reliable

We get things done! If it is not possible to deliver in time, you'll be notified long ahead.


We think twice before we start so work does need to be done only once.


We get things done quickly and competent.


Something got screwed up?
Your program has no chance of success?
No worries, we'll give feedback.

Innovative & Adaptable

We bring a lot of experience from former gigs. Still we carefully avoid to schematice problems but think outside the box.


We like working with people. And people like working with us. At least that's what the feedback says ;-)

At Your Service

Next to our problem solving attitude and strong personal skills we bring a lot of organizational and technical experience to the table.

Team work

  • Empowering and leading effective software development teams
  • Bridging the gap between business and development
  • Bringing agility to organisations
  • Maximising the impact of software delivery


  • Putting domain modelling first and only afterwards decide which architecture fits
  • Decades of experience with web architecture
  • Most recent playground: event driven architecture


  • Not bound to to a particular stack or language
  • Majority of projects were done on the JVM
  • Java, but recently more Scala

Let's Get In Touch!

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